Durham Days of Giving – Day 1

Thank you for supporting the Durham Days of Giving!

Welcome to Day 1 and today’s charity is the AIDS Committee of Durham Region in recognition of World AIDS Day.

ACDR leads in the creation of a safe and healthy community, free from stigma, where every person has the opportunity for a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Our Mission
We create an inclusive environment for a collaborative approach to education, support and outreach. We build on the strengths and abilities of people living with HIV, AIDS and related co-infections, those at risk and their support networks in Durham Region.

Our Values
At ACDR we strive to reduce the stigma around HIV and AIDS by living according to these values:

The Greater Involvement and Meaningful Engagement of People living with HIV and AIDS (GIPA/MEPA): the client is at the center of all we do; we are client led, and peer and volunteer driven;

Social Justice: we work through a lens of cultural safety, inclusivity, activism, diversity, and an Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression (ARAO) framework;

Respect: we meet people ‘where they are at in their lives’ – honouring their individuality, self-identity and choices. We work to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of those we serve;

Compassion: we have empathy for those we serve and strive to understand and address their needs;

Sex positivity: We support individual choice around sex practices, sexual and reproductive health, and believe that human sexuality is an integral part of a healthy life;

Accountability: we are mindful of our responsibility to serve the needs of all of our stakeholders;

Holistic approach: We strive to support individuals with an approach that views health as inclusive of mind, body, spirit, and the environment. We do our work through an understanding of the social determinants of health and risk reduction strategies;

Innovation: We bring unique perspectives when developing our intervention tools and practices. We demonstrate leadership in our work;

Excellence: We believe in setting the highest possible standards for our work and taking an evidence-informed approach;

Self-Care: We acknowledge the challenges in our work, and prioritize taking care of ourselves and each other.

The Red Scarf Campaign was brought to Oshawa by the AIDS Committee of Durham Region in 2014.In its first year in Durham Region, the Red Scarf Project received 150 scarves. Since then, the campaign has grown steadily, expanding into the cities and towns surrounding Oshawa and generating upwards of 800 scarves annually.

The goal of the project remains the same in 2021 – to increase awareness about the impact HIV has on our community. The project is simple, throughout October and November, ACDR collects red scarves made by members of the community and on World AIDS Day, the scarves are tied around the city. 

When tied, each scarf looks like the red ribbon, the international symbol of HIV awareness. The hope is that this powerful visual display, scarf after scarf lining the streets, will bring the topic of HIV/AIDS to the forefront of people’s minds, and encourage meaningful conversations about HIV care, and prevention.


You can learn more about the work ACDR does at – AIDSDurham.com

The Durham Days of Giving is a Rotary Club of Ajax project. All proceeds above credit card processing fees are distributed evenly to this year’s 24 selected charities.


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